kylie minogue – agent provocateur commercial

With a total of about 360 million views Kylie’s commercial for Agent Provocateur is the world’s fourth most viral video of all time (according to MSNBC).

8 Responses to “kylie minogue – agent provocateur commercial”

  1. juan carlos Says:

    muy pero muy weno el video

  2. swissreplica6 Says:

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  3. M. Williams Says:

    Lovely Kylie, just a remarkable and beautiful woman…

  4. salimbelaid83 Says:

    bsr beaute ca va& oui si bien moi salim alor koi de 9

  5. beaute Says:

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  6. Antonio Silvia Says:

    Kylie Minogue has a good plan to start a family with boyfriend Andres Velencoso when she’s finished her next album. What a lucky guy. Kylie is a fantastic and amazing person. Good luck to both

  7. Yong Schultheiss Says:

    KylieMinogue looks so unbelievable in that white dress with print of Christy Turlington’s face. Amazing; just love her alot.

  8. Texas Realtor Says:

    Texas Realtor…

    […]kylie minogue – agent provocateur commercial « HotTube[…]…

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