paris hilton’s debut single “stars are blind”

“Stars Are Blind” is the debut single from heiress, “actress”, and newly minted pop star Paris Hilton. This is her first ever music video clip. Her debut album “Paris” is due for release late summer.

31 Responses to “paris hilton’s debut single “stars are blind””

  1. Tom Says:

    I think the song is good but can she sing like that “Live”, right now i am rooting for her but i hope she can sing live.

  2. BEA Says:

    I know that passes for dancing in her world but it’s really only good enough for the day shift at the strip club.
    It must be only her bank account that accounts for all the “friends” and boyfriends. Talent doesn’t exist here.

  3. mike Says:

    what is the world coming too???

  4. Tim Says:

    Well, she sings a lot better than she sucks c#ck.

  5. laura Says:

    um, that was awful, kinda made me motion sick. and the song isnt good either, it is initially catchy, but it is seriously junk. i’d like to see her sing it live, it could give me some good laughs

    my advice to paris; stick to your day “job” ..whatever it is

  6. trish Says:

    I was pleasantly suprised. The video isn’t my favorite, but the song I thought was pretty good. I would buy the song.

  7. jesse Says:

    you can put anyone in a recording studio and make them sound decent. she is goin to be horrible in concert, if there is even a tour… the video is extremely bad, i’m surprised she’s such a bad dancer. this will stur up a lot of attention just because of who it is.

  8. tricia Says:

    i think she is better at modeling then singing or acting..

  9. Shelia Says:

    The final twelve female contestants on American Idol sounded better. However, she’s not the first nor will she be the last female singer that relies on her looks rather than her voice, to sell records.



  11. Patty Says:

    The song was pretty good surprisingly. But will she sound good live??? The music reminds me of a Debbie Harrysong back in the day.

  12. Bert Says:

    I think she will do as a singer. Lets see her do something deep and meaningful in a song about lasting love etc… See how she sings a real love song not just a bang like bunnys song.

  13. Megan Says:

    I can not believe that someone with that much wealth is wasting her time and ours on something that selfish. That video is nothing more than a plea for us all to continue looking at her, and we do, I did!!
    She needs to do some soul searching and get together with Bill and Melinda Gates. Stop rolling around on cars, beaches and boys and do something with the gifts you have. (which what are, I’m not sure)

  14. Court Says:

    The video was horrid. She mine as well have been in a strip club. And, the song is ok. Def. can not sing it live though. Didn’t they have to change all the tunes and stuff in the recording studio cause she was so bad? The first time I heard this song it reminded me of Gwen Stefani. Gwen wants to take a break from the music world. Maybe Paris is the next Gwen?

  15. Benji Says:

    Ok, so Paris Hilton was upset about the porno being put out for the public to see, but she was fine with making this video? It is amazing what studios are able to do with one’s voice also. Paris needs a hobby…one that does not involve opening her mouth.

  16. lisa Says:

    love the song, hate the video it like a pg-13 porno

  17. Sandy Bennett Says:

    I think the song is cute and i like it the video is iight to but she should of been somewhere else to besided the beach she should of had 2 different seens cute though

  18. Yogi Says:


  19. ih8parishilton Says:

  20. graceandrosanniefromaus Says:

    GRACE: please don’t make her sing in public. we’re begging. heard it on the radio the other day and almost fell of my chair laughing. When I was asked if I could sing better, I said I could, and managed too. And I sucked.

    ROSANNIE: i hate paris hilton

  21. james Says:

    That’s it, Paris Hilton can sound good in an album. I shall now start using my ass hairs to make the toupee.

  22. WiMAXPro Says:

    For a heavily produced, over hyped production, this is for kiddies and brainless lemmings … a tribute to the star machine… vacant of any real emotion or intelligence. Lame, spam video of the year award.

    check out ysabellabrave on You Tube for something real

  23. WiMAXPro Says:

    “Stars are Blind and Brainless”

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  31. Laine Hazelrig Says:

    I think that Paris is hot and

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