funny and sexy lynx deodorant ad

8 Responses to “funny and sexy lynx deodorant ad”

  1. Says:

    El Poder de un Desodorante – comico!

    Desodorante Lynx: Una publicidad muy comica!

  2. alecu Says:

    yeah, and destroy the bloody planet in the process :)

  3. Status Says:

    ROFL=))))) i wont use that deodorant!!:-S

  4. ME!!! Says:

    u can c y girlz wear braz not bikinniz!! LOL!

  5. me Says:


  6. Statusuri Says:

    Gotta have that deodorant :>

  7. 二宮沙樹 Says:

    Very nice article! Thanks for this!

  8. demon Says:

    the video doesn’t work now.

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